TUTORSHIP: Workshop in Rome

Workshop in Urban Morphology and Design: Reading and Designing in the Roman
Historical Fabric.

The workshop intends to offer the opportunity, to Sapienza and Siberian Federal Universities students, to carry out a morphological study on the Roman historical fabric. Students will be guided by a teaching team of professors and tutors according to a project concerning:
– Morphological reading of a limited part of Roman historical fabric through the methods of Urban Morphology;
– Urban fabric representation and redesigning;
– Design of a new urban intervention concerning the case study area (renewal, contemporary design, urban restoration).
The workshop topic will be the preservation and the processual transformation of the fabric between Ponte Sisto and Piazza Gioacchino Belli (Piazza Trilussa/Yia del Politeama/Yia della Renella/Piazza Tavani Arquati/Yiale Trastevere). The workshop will end with a presentation of the team works and best work prize awarding.





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