The School of Research Interventions in Krasnoyarsk



The method of urban interventions seems an affordable tool for restoring broken ties between the city and its citizens. Intervention includes experiments in existing environments and provocation of its inhabitants to test the hypothesis and extract meanings for further developments. The method provides a more gentle and gradual way of development of fragile historical environments than conventional permanent solutions. It involves citizens and upbrings a sense of belonging.

The School of Urban Interventions in Krasnoyarsk attempted to test the method on particular urban environments, to empower young professionals and active citizens, and reveal the hidden cultural potential. The School helped its participants to find a common language in the course of working with territory through the methods of POP-UP urbanism and bottom-up initiatives. The School achieved valuable results which would be impossible to obtain otherwise.

1.Block “Theory”

2. Block “Assembling”

3. Block “Action”

4. Block “Vision. Reflection”

Intervention by French colleagues

Project Presentation on the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair

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